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If you find a lost dog:

  • Check for an identification tag; if possible, please reunite the dog with its owner.

  • If you cannot locate the owner, Contact Safety Net Sanctuary at 610.944.8099

  • SNS will pick-up the animal within an hour of receiving the call, they ask that the animal be contained by the resident who places the call.  They do not have the resources to chase the animal


  • SNS will not be responsible for handling of feral cats, spay and neuter practices, or handling colonies of feral cats.  They can provide traps for TNR.  Will assist with the providing of placement for stray cats or kittens depending on foster care space availability and educate the resident on TNR practices.  STRAY CATS MUST HAVE A COLLAR OR BE MICROCHIPPED TO BE BROUGHT TO THEIR FACILITY TO BE REUNITED WITH THEIR OWNERS.

Missing Animals:
If your dog or cat is missing, please look in the following places for more information.​

  • Check the Berks Dog Search page on Facebook for missing dogs.

  • Check the Berks Cat Search page on Facebook for missing cats.

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