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Tax Collector - Margaret Kennedy

50 Geigertown Road

Douglassville, PA 19518


Hours by Appointment

Current Local Tax Millage - 3.65 mills

Current County Tax Millage - 7.657 mills

Current School District Millage - 31.584 mills

TOTAL = 42.891 mills

(As of 2020.2.06)


As a property owner, you receive two (2) Real Estate tax  bills per year.  In the Spring, you receive the County and Township tax billing.  In the Summer, you receive the School Real Estate bill. 

Real Estate - School 

Current School District Millage - 30.834 mills (As of 2019.1.29)

Please contact the School District for information on school taxes.  These bills are sent in July of each year.

2144 Weavertown Road

Douglassville, PA 19518


Click below to view:

Daniel Boone School District Tax Procedure Webpage

Local Enabling Taxes

Earned Income Tax & Local Service Tax

Earned Income Tax
A tax for general revenue purposes of 1% is imposed on earned income, including salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, incentive payments, fees, tips, and other compensations.  Distribution is .5% to the Daniel Boone School District and .5% to Union Township.  The tax is collected through the Berks EIT Collection Bureau.  If you have issues or questions with your tax please contact them.

phone: (610)372-8439

website: BERKS EIT

Local Services Tax

If you work within the Township whether as an employee or a business owner, a tax of $52 per year is assessed. This tax is collected by Berkheimer Associates.  If you have issues or question with your tax please contact them.  


phone: (800)360-8989

website: Berkheimer Associates

1445 East Main Street

Douglassville, PA 19518

610-582-3769 or 610-385-3769

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